Our assets are easily combinable. All characters from our Character Packs can wield and use items from our Item Packs - and from our other Character Packs.

In essence - when you buy any Supercyan asset, you know it has been designed to fit and work with our other assets; technically and visually. Like lego bricks!


This is our asset roadmap. Here you can find what we are working on right now, and when we aim to release.


character pack plus (q2 2019)

Modularity mayhem strikes Supercyan resulting in more flexible customization and greater variety of characters. WHOA!


Food item pack (q4 2019)

When half a loaf is better than none & life is just a bowl of cherries - this Asset is just for you.




  • Characters are carefully designed and textured by hand

  • Each character is fully rigged and animated

  • Every character is mecanim humanoid compatible

  • We make sure that all animations loop well, and always include an animator controller (state machine) and scripts for your convenience

  • We include prefabs of each character to make their use simple in your development

By providing an overarching theme with each Character Pack, we want to support the variety of use of our assets. Be it mobile, PC, web, animations, commercial or educational, we want to arm You with the best variety of assets.

As a cherry on top, when we introduce new animations with our upcoming Character Packs, the previous Character Packs are updated to include them as well - free of charge.



  • Items are carefully designed and with full, hand painted textures

  • We make sure that the items go well with our Character Packs; that the items are something our characters would actually use

  • We include prefabs of each item to make their use simple in your development

In similar fashion with our Character Packs, by providing an overarching theme with each Item Pack, we want to enable the ideology of combining assets and support the variety of use of our assets.

Visual coherence - that the visual style of our Character Packs and Item Packs meet - is very important to us, and highly safeguarded when creating the assets.


Supercyan is a team of professional game developers residing in Finland. We aim to arm gamedevs and creative media folks of all sorts with professional grade assets and tools for faster deliveries. And with less headache. We do not compromise - see for yourself at our store.